About Us

Linklite Pty Ltd is proud to supply Australia's leading civil engineering, rail industry and construction companies with innovative temporary lighting solutions.

2016  →  2024

Our Purpose


To make arduous tasks simple;
to make expensive projects affordable;
to make the mundane inspiring.

We try to simplify the lives of our customers by delivering innovative products, exceptional value and first-rate service.

Company Values


Our aim is to help you do more with less by designing products that provide the best value in their class.

We build smart products using quality components designed to maximise efficiency, minimise running costs and enjoy longer lifespans, with the ultimate aim of providing unparalleled value.


We set very high standards for your Linklite experience - we strive to give our customers more than they expect.

We are always available. Send us an email after-hours or over the weekend when the office is closed and where possible we'll get back to you the same day.

Our Beliefs


Driven by the needs of our customers.

We believe great product design should be surprising, satisfying, smart and simple. When we combine those things we get something that truly 'works'.

We believe that producing great products means listening to our customers and constantly innovating to meet and exceed their needs.

We believe in making the ordinary, extraordinary. We strive to create temporary work site lighting that does far more, with far less.

About Linklite

Rail platform work

For the last 15 years, Linklite Systems has manufactured unique portable lighting solutions for leading civil engineering, rail maintenance, oil exploration and construction companies operating throughout Europe on key infrastructure projects for both public and private sectors.

Established in 2016 in Sydney, Australia, Linklite Pty Ltd supplies temporary lighting equipment and accessories of the very highest quality to our customers in Australia and New Zealand, helping them meet their work site lighting needs, whatever the individual application may be.

A Brief Company History


British Designed & Manufactured

Linklite Systems began life as MAXMAX Limited in 2004, pioneered by our late founder, Bob Blakemore.

Bob saw an opportunity to acquire and improve upon a new line of temporary lighting products which were then owned by a British scaffolding company.

After 10 years supplying the highway maintenance and rail industries, Linklite became an industry standard and was further developed to be more robust, reliable and energy-efficient than ever before.

In 2015 MAXMAX rebranded as Linklite Systems, opened a new office in Kissimmee, Florida and registered Linklite as it's trademark.

In 2016 Linklite Pty Ltd opened for business in Sydney, Australia making Linklite products available in the Southern Hemisphere.

Linklite temporary lighting products are now available and in operation in countries throughout the world.