Australia's Toughest Linkable Lighting System

Linklite LED - now in stock.

Floodlighting long stretches of road, railway track or tunnel is now easier and more efficient than ever with the Linklite LED temporary lighting system.

Linklite is designed to be daisy chained to provide brilliant white floodlighting for work sites that span long distances.

Avoid the hassle and limitations of using bulky lighting towers while saving as much as 80% in operating costs.


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Our customers work hard to improve the lives of millions of people every day.

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Over half a kilometre of floodlighting

from a single power source

Linklites provide over half a kilometre
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Using feed-through power, each luminaire is linked in series to create a 'daisy chain' of light.

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Powered from a single source, Linklites are both energy efficient and cost effective to run.

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A 2 kVA generator with two outputs will easily power as many as 50 Linklites.

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Power will continue to flow along the chain should any individual lamps fail.

Trackside lighting for night work
Rail tunnel lighting
Lighting roadworks at night

Proudly supplying the world's leading civil engineering, rail industry and construction companies.

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